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Had to share something else that I got to try out recently and fell in love with. Eshakti! They are an online women’s clothing store. They specialize in customize clothes to your specifications and size. And let me tell you, their dress selection is almost overwhelming! 😍

I was on the hunt for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding and found Eshakti just in time.

I was not only able to make sure my dress would fit my size and shape exactly, but I also chose to make a dress they showed as long sleeved into a sleeveless one. You even get to see immediately online what it will look like! Wow! And it came out perfect!!

I absolutely loved the casual vibe of this dress with an almost denim look to it and the white stitching. The dupioni silk and long length dress it up just enough.

But the point isn’t the dress. It’s that you can design whatever you want! And the perfect fit! Plus, they had it to me in under two weeks. I’m going back. For all kinds of clothes. I love them all!!

One last tid bit. You get all of this, without an exorbitant cost! It was totally affordable! I mean it. We are looking for the step-daughter’s prom dress there too.

Right now, use cose JESSI10 on your purchase too!! 😘



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Save That Money!

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I’m sure you all try to save money, especially if you are a parent! Kids are expensive, am I right?! So I love finding new ways to save and still be able to do the things we want and have the things we need. And I found a new, awesome way!

Kids on 45th! You’ve got kids? You like to keep them clothed but also like to keep your money? Yeah, you need to check them out! 😅

This is a mama-founded company that’s all about helping mamas like you save money (yay!) and time (yes!) on your kiddos’ everyday clothes. They ship “surprise” boxes of gently-used (and some new with tags) clothes to moms around the country for super-low prices (items start at $1.99 and max out at $12.99 for a winter coat!).

They were so kind and generous to gift my boys a box to try. We are definitely going back for more.

My favorite part? That they customized the items to my kiddos. I could specify what we do or do not want and even what types of things or colors my boys like or don’t. We said we like camo and animals. And look what they sent! Spot on!!

They even have a ‘Happiness Policy’! They build a surprise box of clothes tailored to your kiddo’s style, but if there is ever an item you are not in love with, two taps on your device will get you a credit for the item.

I love the low prices. You can get quality kids clothes for cheap! They have sizes newborn to 14/16 clothes, all in excellent condition. Prices start at $1.99 for baby items and max out at $12.99 for big kid jackets! You get free shipping when you spend $65 too. And, there is no subscription needed and no styling fees. You get what you need ans that’s it!

I love that this saves me time along with money! No trip to the mall needed. Two minutes for online shopping was all that I needed. I didn’t have to search and scour at retailers, thrift racks, or pages cans pages online. No coupon hunting. And no gas spent. You don’t even have to get dressed. 🤣

One more plus? This is green! We all want to reuse and reduce are footprint here. This is another way!

So, my verdict? We are Kids on 45th shoppers for life. Truly. We are so tickled about our experience and cannot wait to make more orders!






We were gifted a box of clothes in exchange for a review of the service, but all opinions expreases are our own!

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Teen Bedroom Redo

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So, I’ve mentioned that this new-to-us old house is in pretty ugly shape and that we have been redoing all the rooms bit by bit. One of the rooms that hadn’t gotten any love since we moved in was Jordin’s room. Check out these dingy, bland, old lady looking photos:

We hadn’t even hung anything on the walls because we knew we wanted to paint. Poor girl! Plus, the rooms all need to have more outlets put in (how is one outlet nearly enough?!) and overhead lights with switches added (hello?!). Needless to say, she was not thrilled in her set up. But, enter her 16th birthday, and we had the perfect excuse to make ourselves get the room beautified and surprise her with completely glammed out digs. Annnd… after:

Ta da! Total teen girl. Her jaw dropped. Win!

This was the mint turquoise color she had picked for her bedroom at our previous house and she was really wanting it again. It is super pretty, and not quite as bright in person. She also loves pink and peach. I added some navy to calm and tie the colors in and some gold hints for glam factor. Sounds busy. Totally goes.

Some old, some new, plenty of Hobby Lobby help. She wanted a little girly and a little rustic. She also wanted “fairy lights” so fairy lights she got.

We can’t change the brown furniture (it was her grandmas), and new carpet isn’t going to happen just yet, so working with what you’ve got sometimes has to just work… but…

Truly I love how it turned out. Dont tell her but Santa is thinking about a rug and a chandelier, along with new knobs for the drawers. 😍

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Farm House Tour- The Upstairs

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I have been wanting to show a mini tour of the new farm house, and finally got started! These are “semi-before” photos, as we already have our things moved in, but these our not our paint colors and mostly not our curtains.  There will be many more changes to come, and I wanted a way to show the progress and changes.  So, lets start with the upstairs!

Here is the view at the top of the stairs.

There are some frames in the hallway and the book shelf I redid…

At the end of the stairwell is an old antique wash cabinet from my granparents…

The view back towards the stairwell…

Next is the room on the left of the stairwell, next to the old wash cabinet.  We call this the “kid room,” which used to be a little girl’s room…

The other side of the room…

And on the wall by the door there is a chalk drawing of Dora! lol

The door in the last photo goes to what we call the “baby room,” which will one day be a nursery…

The other side of the room has chalk spiderwebs, which were for a little boy…

Here is the view back towards the “kid room”…

Next is my walk through closet that leads the master bedroom. This is across the stairwell from these rooms…

I still can’t wait to have the time to paint the closet the dark navy I have picked out!

The jewelry area…

Next you walk through the closet door and into our sunken bedroom…

The walls are currently yellow, which is fine, but we plan to paint them a nice gray at some point.  The little white shabby dresser was found in the back of the house and makes a perfect TV stand for us…

The wooden shelf above the chair is a barn board we found…

Recognize the blue chair from the old office? It was too big.  The next photo is of the antique dresser from my grandparents that matches out bed…

Our bed…

The shelf by my side of the bed we made out of another barn board that we call the “cow board,” because its front is smooth and wavy due to cows rubbing on it…

Our stained glass window and exposed rustic beams…

Next is the main bathroom.  This shot is a view in the doorway from the closet…

The blue and flooring aren’t really our first picks, but they will make due until we can paint and spruce…

Well, thats the upstairs.  What do you think so far?  A lot to do, but so far we love it! 🙂

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Shoe Dreaming

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Today I am shoe dreaming.  Actually most of them are boots.  But, everywhere I turn I’m drooling over another pair of kicks.  Check out these gorgeous boots:


I love them both!  I’m in trouble this season… 🙂

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Birthday and Decor!

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My birthday was last week! 

I got so many awesome gifts, so here is just a sneak peek:

Lots of awesome clothes!

Funky jewelry to go with...

And gorgeous diamond earrings!  Can you guess who they are from?  (Yes, I have still not perfected photos of jewelry!)

My brother also got me the book, “The Magoc of Writing: How to Write and Publish the Book that is Inside You,” by Linda J. Falkner.  So, now I have another project I’m working on 😉

Among many great gifts from family and friends, I also got a few decor related things to keep my occupied in the house for a while.  Check out this funky antique alligator trunk:

Is that not totally rad?! 

I had drooled over this trunk earlier this fall while browsing antiques.  Sweet, eh? 

Thanks everybody!  Now I have some fun projects to play with!

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Ruffle Addiction

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Ok, so this little thing I am having with ruffles, it might be more than just the shower curtain.  I thought ruffles were “too girly” for my taste, but either my taste changed just a smidge or these things are growing on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I would still probably pair them with something black or steel, but I do in fact love me some ruffles.  Here is what I have been craving lately:

These ruffle pillows struck me this morning as I was blog browsing.  Aren’t they so “sweet meets manly”?

These sandals from Target are calling my name as well. 

Then there is this wedding dress!  What can I say?  This is what I have been searching for!  Actually, the entire wedding was gorgeous and exactly what we had planned (until deciding to go away!) so check out the link to Grey Likes Weddings to see the entire thing!

So, what do you think?  The ruffles are totally funky, right?  Thought so.

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Wabi Sabi

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Wikipedia defines wabi sabi as the Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience.  Sometimes it is also described as beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  I think a good description of this is finding the prefect ion in imperfection. I love the concept of wabi sabi and try to incorporate it into my home all the time. I truly do believe that things can grow more beautiful over time. Maybe its the fact that a well worn item looks well loved. I love how these items have a past, a history. New furnishings from some big box store are often not very well made and are also mass-produced. Meaning that too many of these items in your home and things might look exactly like some one else’s home. This to me is boring. Age and imperfections add interest. So, although we do mix modern items in with our antiques and used finds, we do have some wabi sabi pieces in our home. I thought I would show you a few of our currently well-loved pieces.

This is our little dining table.  It is very old and imperfect, but, it has so much character and personality.  Even the chairs are worn-in, and mismatched!

This is our little dining table. It is very old and imperfect, but, it has so much character and personality. Even the chairs are worn-in, and mismatched!

A close-up of our perfectly imperfect table.

A close-up of our perfectly imperfect table.

This is an old table with an antique frame used for the top.  We use it as our living room coffee table.  It has its dings and scratches, but I think thats what makes it so unique.

This is an old table with an antique frame used for the top. We use it as our living room coffee table. It has its dings and scratches, but I think that's what makes it so unique.

The mirror top of our coffee table.

The mirror top of our coffee table.

Here are a few more imperfect yet gorgeous items currently in our house:

A vanity bench in our guest room.

A vanity bench in our guest room.

One of two old plant stands used as bedside tables in our guest room.

One of two old plant stands used as bedside tables in our guest room.

A worn coke crate is hung up in our bedroom.

A worn coke crate is hung up in our bedroom.

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A Little Industrial

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One of my big obsessions right now is industrial furniture and decor. I know that some of you are probably thinking industrial seems too cold and uninviting. But, mixed carefully with the warm colors and textures of your home, even industrial items can be cozy! I have been looking for the perfect industrial cabinet for our kitchen. Right now prices seem to be soring for these items on Ebay and other websites, but come auction season, I bet we can snatch one up for a deal!

One website that I found with some very funky items is http://www.ergstore.com. This site has some great inspiration for industrial funiture, but also has some pretty steep prices. Some of the items I am currently loving:

A 1920's-30's doctor's chair.  I know, I love all crazy chairs, but this one would be a real conversation piece!

A 1920's-30's doctor's chair. I know, I love all crazy chairs, but this one would be a real conversation piece!

A 1940's wheeled cart.  This would be great for a kitchen island!

A 1940's wheeled cart. This would be great for a kitchen island!

A 1930's- 1940's theater light. This would repurpose as a great lamp.

A 1930's- 1940's theater light. This would re-purpose as a great lamp.

Another site with some very amazing pieces is Get Back, Inc. at http://www.getbackinc.com. Some of my favorites there are:

A metal and glass medical cart.  So what I am looking for!

A metal and glass medical cart. So what I am looking for!

A metal cabinet.  This would be cute in almost any room.

A metal cabinet. This would be cute in almost any room.

A scissor wall light.  A pair of these would make great bedside lamps.

A scissor wall light. A pair of these would make great bedside lamps.

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Some New Year’s Inspiration: 100 Things I Love

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I recently saw a list some one had made of 100 things they loved.  It seemed so inspiring to think about that many things that you enjoy or care about.  So, I tried it.  I thought that it also helped to take a deeper look at your style and personality.  So… here’s my list.  I hope it might help inspire you too…

100 Things I Love:


  1. Black and white photos
  2. Polaroid cameras
  3. Roller coasters
  4. Pepsi
    Spiral Staircase by Martin Haesemeyer (Flickr)

    Spiral Staircase by Martin Haesemeyer (Flickr)


  5. Huge sunglasses
  6. Antiques
  7. Old records
  8. Small collections
  9. Holey jeans
  10. Thick sweaters
  11. Movie nights
  12. Internet shopping
  13. Color coordinating items
  14. Crushed ice
  15. Photo booths
  16. Horses
  17. Beaches
  18. Lists
  19. Thunderstorms
  20. Coconut lotion
  21. Fireworks
  22. Shoes
  23. Moving sidewalks
  24. Sports
    Bathtub and Fireplace by decorology (Flickr)

    Bathtub and Fireplace by decorology (Flickr)


  25. Candles
  26. Typewriters
  27. Outdoor concerts
  28. Bonfires
  29. Wooden boxes
  30. Old picture frames
  31. Ferris wheels
    Dice by kagedfish (Flickr)

    Dice by kagedfish (Flickr)


  32. Ticket stubs
  33. Crowns
  34. Silk sheets
  35. Hot nights
  36. Lazy days
  37. The outdoors
  38. Corndogs
  39. French manicures
  40. Treasure hunts
  41. Auctions
  42. Handwritten cards
  43. Miniatures
  44. Vintage items
  45. Chocolate
  46. Street shops
  47. Motorcycles
  48. Dinner parties
  49. Eyeliner
  50. Sweatpants
  51. Mud
  52. Blank paper
  53. Road trips
  54. Black and white movie
    Candles glowing... by annpar (Flickr)

    Candles glowing... by annpar (Flickr)


  55. High heels
  56. Lilies
  57. Secret passageways
  58. Cubbie holes
  59. Shiny things
  60. Clean clothes
  61. Gum
  62. Fluffy beds
  63. Music
  64. Shiny lipgloss
  65. Claw foot bathtubs
  66. Tire swings
  67. The River
  68. Moc croc
  69. Small towns
  70. Big yards
  71. Hayrack rides
  72. Massages
  73. Inside jokes
  74. Old books
    Sunglasses by sveltkamp  (Flickr)

    Sunglasses by sveltkamp (Flickr)


  75. Dice
  76. Keys
  77. Inspiration boards
  78. Fancy bottles
  79. Layered pillows
  80. Free catalogs
  81. My brother’s art
  82. DIY projects
  83. Wild jewelry
  84. Fireplaces
  85. Confetti                                   
  86. Planners
  87. Mistletoe
  88. Freshly cut grass
  89. Harvest time
    Polaroid Land Camera 1000 by Fallen Angel / Angel...  (Flickr)

    Polaroid Land Camera 1000 by Fallen Angel / Angel... (Flickr)

  90. Sunshine
  91. Fried food
  92. New Year’s Eve
  93. Long eyelashes
  94. Cowboys
  95. Accents
  96. Coffee shops
  97. Sidewalk chalk
  98. Diamonds
  99. Spiral staircases
  100. Clear furniture
  101.  My own house!




Old record player. by MFinChina (Flickr)

Old record player. by MFinChina (Flickr)

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